Nge Heng Champion Group Co., Ltd. has been a major envelopes manufacturing and distributing company for more than 40 years ago. At first, our business was ran under the name “Nge Heng Trading Limited Partnership” until it had been changed to “Nge Heng Champion Group”, the current name, in 1994. An Airplane has been used as our logo since the start.

Since the start until now, our company never stops developing the new product and services in order to create customer satisfaction. We are ready to become the leading company in envelopes and pockets manufacturing in Thailand.

Nge heng champion Group Co., Ltd.determines to produce high-quality and international standard products. With more than 40 years of experiences, we can satisfy every customer's needs in acceptable price. Whether it is Normal Size Envelopes or Made-To-Order Envelopes, customers will sure receive our products with high satisfaction. We do not want our customers to receive only
the product but also out fine service for our productive long-term relationship

We will continue developing our technology and be the leader in envelopes manufacturing company both in Domestic and International.